good design is all in the planning

‘What tap was that? And the colour? Oh, so it’s wall mounted… But the basin you like comes with tap hole?’

‘Yes, the toilet has a hidden cistern, mounted in the wall… no we need the low-mounted version to install a shelf above…. ‘

‘Yes, we’ve informed the stonemason that the stone shelf needs to be delivered in two parts, to allow for the installation of the frameless glass shower screen.’

‘Yes, the joinery doors have a special cut-out, so your hair dryer and shaver can both be plugged in and used when the door is closed, so you can see yourself in the mirror.’

These issues may be invisible to you as the client, and they might catch the builder or plumber by surprise – have you heard the one about the gooseneck shower head that was mounted too low for the owners to stand underneath? – but when you engage an architect, we are always one step ahead!

We anticipate and plan for every stage, detail, fixture and fitting. And when we go to site with the builder, we work as a team, to ensure the client achieves the best possible outcomes.

We compile schedules that accord with our drawings and specifications, and then work through those to ensure the build runs smoothly and economically onsite.

We often find that – regardless of how involved our clients have been – it’s not until they are actually onsite during the build phase that they realise how all those moving parts come together to form a unified whole.

The penny drops, and they say: “Right! We understand what you were talking about now!”

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