Named after the Māori word for ‘to sit, to dwell’, Noho Architecture takes a holistic and considered approach to residential design. We create comfortable and healing homes that are resource and energy efficient, and we love working with clients to turn houses into dream homes.

Our beliefs

Noho understands the magnitude of each client’s investment, both financial and emotional, and we position ourselves as expert guides, steering clients through what might appear to be a daunting process.

Owner and founder Justine Money draws upon years of experience and technical knowledge to guide clients through the myriad challenges of her five-stage design-to-delivery program, to ultimately hand over homes that exceed the brief, and which her clients love spending time in.

As a registered NSW Building Design Practitioner Justine also works in the field of remediation, Tonu Consulting Architects, to ensure we can sustain our existing built environment with high rectification construction standards.

How We Can Help

Schematic Design Package

Together we will help you create a brief. We complete initial sketch designs and work through options with you. Once schematic design is complete, we review the design against the budget.

Authority Approval Package

Together the design is developed further. On completion a comprehensive drawing and documentation package is created. We collaborate with expert consultants to ensure a smooth submission to the local authority.

Contract Package

Upon authority approval our team works to bring a complete construction package together ready for Construction Certificate and the builder tender process.

Builder Selection

We have extensive experience with builders and understand what builder is suitable for each project type, location and expectation. We investigate the quotes, the contract and the programming to give you confidence and clarity before signing a building contract.

Contract Admin

As registered architects we are qualified and experienced to administer the contract between yourselves and the building contractor. This will make your journey through construction a less time-consuming process.

What Our Clients Say

I bought a property with a pretty clear vision of what I wanted to do with it but Justine improved on this and made the final product look ten times better than I ever imagined. She was there with ideas and examples every step of the way to guide myself and the builder (that she helped me choose) right to the end. If I ever do another house, she will definitely be the first person I call.

Bilal, Zyan House Owner

Passive House

Keen to ensure that Noho’s future projects will minimise their environmental impact on the planet – and deliver lifecycle savings to clients – Justine was awarded a scholarship from Pro-Clima Australia to complete the Passive House Design Course, which she successfully completed in October 2019.

This latest qualification positions her as a leader in the design and delivery of sustainable homes and buildings, with a focus on human comfort and health; energy and resource efficiency; and affordable design and construction costs.

Decisive advantages of a Passive House building:

  • High levels of comfort
  • Consistent supply of fresh air throughout the entire building
  • Structural longevity: mold free buildings with a significantly reduced risk of moisture damage
  • Extremely low heating + cooling costs, despite rising energy prices
  • A radically improved indoor environment

More articles on Passive House coming soon, or please reach out if you require more information.

Recent Happenings

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    We are thrilled to announce that another exciting project is set to begin next week. Our “Whiuwhiu House,” (pronounced as “phew-phew”) takes its name from the Māori word meaning “to chuck,” a fitting choice considering one of our clients goes by the name Chuck. This charming Federation-style house has seen its fair share of wearContinue reading “whiuwhiu off to site we go!”
  • development approvals
    Noho architecture is thrilled for our clients that their home; gamma gamma house has received development approval this week. We can’t wait to commence the construction documentation and see this home come to life. Thanks to a great team of consultants that worked tirelessly to get this amazing space over the line. Within the sameContinue reading “development approvals”
  • National Biophilic Design Awards 2023
    noho architecture are thrilled that our Zyan House is a finalist for the National Biophilic Design Awards! Thank you, GH Commercial for sponsoring this award and the Living Futures Institute of Australia for selecting our lovely project.