empathy of site and selecting building materials

We spend many hours working with our clients to arrive at selecting building materials and colour finishes that compliment the project and their specific needs.

In the case of the Zyan House, we pared back the buildings skin to reveal natural materials and colour tones. The brick wall of the existing cottage became a key element in the new kitchen space. This highlighted the enduring quality of the original building.

empathy of site

This brick wall now sits behind a glass splash back which is backlit to accentuate the material at night. We also specified natural birch and stained black birch ply for the joinery. The joinery and the lightly polished concrete floors in a neutral grey sit harmoniously alongside the brick tones.

selecting building materials

We also re-purposed all of the bricks from site. These bricks built the rear wall at the BBQ, the BBQ plinth and all of the garden walls and paths. This lighter brick worked well with the dark tones of the new brick blades in the living areas. The client loved his concrete floor so much he wanted the slab under his BBQ to look the same.

selecting building materials

Our client and homeowner Bilal Bordie says the concrete floors are one of his favourite features.

“When the house is not completely clean – and because of the rough and industrial aesthetic – it’s amazing how forgiving the concrete floor is!”

selecting building materials

A skilful architect can help you identify your interior and exterior design personality, refine your palette and guide you when selecting building materials, finishes and products that will suit your needs now and into the future.

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selecting building materials