sustainable material: cedar cladding

On our recent Zyan House project, we specified western red cedar cladding. Why?

This product looks great now and will age beautifully over time, and – because it’s a natural product – it is renewable and highly sustainable… in fact, using timber cladding has the potential to lower your home’s carbon footprint compared to other walling materials!

sustainable material cedar cladding

Sustainable material.

Timber is a material that is generally considered to have excellent environmental credentials. As a renewable and sustainable material, its main attributes are that it reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere until it decays or is burnt and it is easy worked.

In addition, wood has a low embodied energy – it does not require much in the way of processing – and it lends itself to recycling.

sustainable material cedar cladding

Design considerations.

Our selection of this sustainable material also offered another element to the building

We wanted to avoid the the upper level of the building appearing too heavy visually. The supporting structure, visually, consisted of brick columns and glazing units. By selecting a timber cladding it created balance in the overall building scale and reduced a top heavy appearance.

The sun hoods over the windows required the same cedar cladding. By selecting the narrow strips, it maintained a scale that worked well for the hood design.

sustainable material cedar cladding

Slowly greying with time.

An additional benefit of using cedar is its quality to grey over time. We were keen to ensure that the cedar greyed and became another subtle natural material to compliment to the overall palette.

To preserve the timber cladding, we painted it with a penetrating oil. This provides long-term weather protection, stabilises the timber and repels moisture.

sustainable material cedar cladding

If you need even more reasons to jump on board, cedar cladding is also an effective insulator, leading to lower energy bills and big savings over time.

We have exceeded our clients’ expectations by recommending and specifying sustainable materials. Click on the link in the bio to find out how we delivered value in multiple ways.